Storyboard here.

Learn Meraki's Menu
Tools: PowerPoint, Google slides, Canva
Time: Approximately 5 hours for this first half of the course
Client: Meraki Mediterranean Kafe, a food truck in Eastern North Carolina

New hires currently work on the truck shadowing another employee and watch what they do. Nothing is written down and directions are thrown about. It is a learn by doing, trial and error type approach. That may work for some people, but not all, and as the business grows consistency is needed.
A training course using Articulate Rise is being created. It is in the beginning stages as is the above storyboard. The first two chapters are complete and have been reviewed by the Owner. The remaining chapters will be uploaded once completed and approved.
Once the course launches, results will be updated. The expectation is that new hires will feel more confident working with customers and have less questions when they use the POS for the first time.

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